For Denominational Leaders

Information for denominational church leaders

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The 2021 NCLS will offer a resource to states, regions, and dioceses about their vitality and about the life of their churches.

Denominational and movement leaders get:

Reports can offer insight for support for consultancies, new staff placements, funding applications, strategic reviews, local church strategic resourcing, ongoing training and pastoral support.

Help for strategic and pastoral roles

Denomination/movement leaders get help for their strategic and pastoral roles


Leaders will receive results to support local church ministry



Leaders will get overall results for the movement about:

  • Church health across congregations
  • Leaders and staff
  • Local church activities

Research-based evidence for decisions

Denomination/movement leaders have evidence for their decisions


Church effectiveness

  • Church health and vitality
  • Governance
  • Church planting


  • Effective leadership practices
  • Sustainable leadership, thriving vs burnout
  • Formation, mentoring

Who goes to church

  • Intergenerational church
  • Newcomers to church life
  • Cultural diversity


  • Governance
  • Ministry programs, youth, children, schools, outreach
  • Practices of healthy churches

Community, spirituality

  • Religious faith/practice
  • Personal wellbeing
  • World views
  • Social issues

Some of the purposes of the 2021 NCLS are:

 To describe and explain what is:

The shape of religion in Australia is undergoing significant change. The 2021 NCLS provides a reality check, alongside the 2021 national census.

 For denominational and regional leadership to evaluate and plan

To evaluate the status of mission, to support local churches (through access to measures of the health and vitality of each participating church) and to support church leaders.

 For local churches: to help them reflect and plan

Providing an evidence base to inform strategic and pastoral planning, the NCLS resources aim to be credible, practical and easy to use. This survey allows leaders to hear from all attenders.

 For local leadership: effectiveness and wellbeing

Insight into leadership development and practices, as well as leader wellbeing will be provided through a survey of clergy and lay leaders. Results will form a benchmark for use in the future by anyone who wishes to evaluate leadership within groups or churches.

 To continue the longitudinal study of Australian church life

The longitudinal nature also makes a unique dataset in the world. It is possible for researchers worldwide to investigate questions about church life that no-one else in the world can.

• For the wider community

The National Church Life Survey is a credible authoritative source for describing the Australian church landscape and has been used widely by commentators within and beyond the churches

A proposal for the 2021 NCLS for Regional Coordinators and Denominational Leaders