Act on your findings

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After doing the survey it’s important to do something with the results. Take steps of action into the future together.

Churches can use their survey feedback to have more meaningful conversations and make informed decisions, with evidence to back up choices and directions. Churches can form an action plan that empowers attenders to contribute their gifts and skills and move to action together.

Facilitate a celebration and reflection on strengths

Run a short session to reflect on the strengths and the unique giftings of your attenders, as identified in the survey. Invite conversation on how to encourage the strengths, giftings and skills already present in the congregation. Pray together as you celebrate and acknowledge the gifts God has given.

Resources to help you reflect on strengths:

Church Life Survey Workbook: Short Session to celebrate strengths and affirm your people. 


Undertake a process to plan, set vision and act

Facilitate a time of reflection to engage your results and move to action. A range of planning process options are provided in the Church Life Survey Workbook, or choose another process, to allow churchgoers to review the findings and develop a response. Invite all church attenders or a selected task group to undertake the chosen process of planning or setting a vision. Encourage all church attenders to get involved in pursuing the church's goal or vision and moving to action.

Resources to help you to make an action plan:

Church Life Survey Workbook: Planning Process options: Reflection Action Process to respond to results and move directly to action or Comprehensive Planning Process to set a vision together and pursue it. 


Move to action together

Whatever plan you complete, or vision you set, the important thing is to move to action. Ensure attenders are involved in owning the plan or vision and achieving it together.
After moving to action, review regularly to track progress and keep attenders engaged and involved in the process over time. This can be done by completing a Church Life Survey at any time in the future, at regular intervals.

Resources to help you regularly review:

Church Life Surveys anytime: Churches can run a Church Life Survey at any time to keep a track of their health and vitality. 

Checklist of key tasks

Make a plan and act:

1. Facilitate a time of reflection and engage your results.
2. Use Workbook processes and facilitators resources to plan and act.
3. Move to action together into the future.
4. Review at regular intervals to track progress and maintain attender involvement.