Invitation to Churches

Join in the largest survey of church life in the world.

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All Australian churches are invited to take part in the seventh nationwide survey of churchgoers – the 2021 National Church Life Survey.

The survey period has been extended due to COVID- it will run from November 2021- February 2022.

Especially during times such as these, it is more important than ever to listen well to your churchgoers.

We can help you…

  • know your church attenders better, their strengths, hopes and how they engage with their local church, especially during a time of crises
  • gain insights on church health, leadership, inclusion, wellbeing, spiritual beliefs and practices.

October Update on the 2021 NCLS (2 mins)



Invitation Video for Churches

Churches are welcome to show this video in worship services, small groups or leadership team meetings, to encourage participation in the survey.

Communicating clearly throughout the survey project helps churchgoers see the value of their input and realise their inclusion is an important part of the process.

Download the Invitation Video (mp4)

Invitation Brochure for Churches

A four page full colour brochure inviting churches to participate in the 2021 NCLS, is available for churches. It outlines the reasons for the 2021 NCLS and presents the benefits of taking part for a local church. See why thousands of churches nationally use the survey to nurture life in their churches and leaders.

This invitation brochure was mailed to local churches in June 2021, in collaboration with denominations and is available for download below.



Download the 2021 NCLS Invitational Brochure for Churches - Low Res (pdf)

About the Survey

The 5 yearly ‘National Church Life Survey’, is run by NCLS Research and has been held alongside the national Census every 5 years, in 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006 ,2011 and 2016. Involving hundreds of thousands of churchgoers in thousands of churches, each cycle, it is the largest longitudinal study of church life in the world.

As the landscape of ministry evolves, so the National Church Life Survey (NCLS) remains innovative, with customisable survey options and practical life-giving processes, to help churches get the most out of their survey results.

While the NCLS speaks to the nation with such a broad perspective, it also captures the individual congregation, its hopes and its journey. Our prayer and hope is to help your church find life to the full and discern steps for the future.

We hope that your church will participate in the 2021 NCLS.

Dr Ruth Powell

NCLS Research Director

on behalf of the NCLS Research Board of Governors and staff