5 steps to a successful survey

5 steps to a successful survey experience

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Make the survey experience a positive, inclusive process that helps your church move forward together.

We believe that the 2021 National Church Life Survey can be a fruitful experience that supports your church as you move forward together.

Here are five steps to use at your church, before, during and after completing the surveys.


After completing a Church Life Survey, it's important to do something with the results.

We encourage churches to make the most of their survey results, whether in a celebration, a review of their health or setting goals for the future.


Make the most of your 2021 NCLS survey results

  • Explore your Church Life Pack of resources
  • Walk through your Profile of results
  • Look over your Workbook and practical processes 

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5 steps to a successful survey:

Before the Survey


Share the purpose of the survey with your church. Affirm the value of the everyone’s contribution to build a sense of group ownership.


• Promote the survey’s purpose to your church attenders and leadership
• Choose a date to complete the survey and notify your church

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During the Survey


Organise and facilitate the survey well, ensuring you include everyone.

• Receive and unpack your Survey Kit 
• Notify churchgoers of your chosen survey date(s)
• Complete your surveys in November and return them to NCLS Research

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After the Survey


Reflect on your survey results with your leadership team. Clearly identify and consider the feedback your church attenders gave in the survey.

• Receive your Summary Profile of results - April 2022
• Receive your full Church Life Profile of results in your Church Life Pack of resources- late 2022
• Explore your results with your leadership team
• Consider your church's readiness to respond to the results

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Share the findings of your survey with the whole church to help them own any future plans, directions and mission goals. A strong sense of ownership leads to a more healthy and vital church.


• Celebrate strengths and communicate insights with the church
• Pray about future plans together

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Form an action plan that empowers attenders to contribute their gifts and skills. Move to action together.


• Facilitate a time of reflection and respond to your results
• Use Workbook and facilitators resources to plan and act
• Move to action together and review regularly into the future

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