Outcomes from the 2021 NCLS

Results and outcomes from the 2021 NCLS

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The 2021 NCLS produces evidence based findings to resource leadership at the local, regional, denominational and national levels. Practical resources, reports, articles and academic publications are generated based on the NCLS results. The NCLS offers insight to

  • local church leaders about their church health, and their people’s hopes, concerns and commitment
  • states, regions, and dioceses about their vitality and about the life of their churches, including the sustainability of their leaders
  • academic colleagues on trends in church health, sustainable leadership and community connections
  • wider media on the national snapshot of church life and the contribution churches make to society.

A national collaborative approach creates:

  • a solid research base to inform decisions.
  • an historical snapshot of Australian churches.
  • an opportunity to do research on issues that matter for the Church.
  • … and 30 years of world-leading mission research will continue!

Denomination/movement leaders get help for their strategic and pastoral roles

Leaders will receive results to support local church ministry

Leaders will get overall results for the movement about:

  • Church health across congregations
  • Leaders and staff
  • Local church activities


Every  local church gets their own results and support

  • A National Church Life Survey can help in the process of shaping the future for local churches
  • It allows all voices to be heard and to get involved
  • Local results will highlight qualities and strengths
  • Options for planning processes match capacity of church

Churches may choose from NCLS group processes or integrate results into other planning processes