What churches receive

Practical life-giving resources to help churches strengthen health and vitality

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Participating churches receive a Church Life Profile of their survey results along with a pack of supporting resources.

The Church Life Pack contains tools to help each church to engage their results and respond to the insights gained from their church attenders' feedback.

Group processes are also included to help with mission planning, creating vision and developing a way forward together.

Every local church receives their own Church Life Pack including a unique Profile of results and supporting resources 

  • A Church Life Profile showing a church's unique survey results with a clear evaluation of the church’s vitality.
  • Step by step processes to help a church evaluate, communicate and act on their survey results.
  • Online audio visual resources and facilitators' notes for workshops, planning sessions and retreats to enable churches to make best use of their results to plan a way forward.


View your results and resources online via MyNCLS

Participating church leaders will receive an email with instructions to sign into MyNCLS using an approved email address. Once signed in you can view and share your Profile/s along with other resources including your Workbook, Enriching Church Life e book and more.

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Resources to nurture church vitality

The National Church Life Survey is more than counting numbers- it’s about the life of each church its leaders, helping build vitality, develop effective and sustainable leadership, and connecting well with the local community.

Many church leaders find a season of reflection very helpful. As they listen to their attenders they capture a sense of their hopes, passions and concerns, discerning a way forward as a body.

As researchers we believe that having a credible evidence base can help inform decisions, bringing wisdom and insight to the directions and life of a church.

The local church leader is supported..

  • Local church leaders will gain a clearer picture of their people - not just their demographics, but their faith life, their commitment to the mission of their church, their Christian living and their hopes for their church.
  • Local church leaders will gain insights into the leadership qualities churches need to draw on, and their own leadership strengths, as well as those of their leadership team.
  • Leaders will see precisely the areas of church life that the congregation most values and the areas they would most like to see further developed.
  • All of this will help leaders not only discern directions but the strategies necessary to build and owned vision and move surely into those directions.

The local church is resourced..

  • The congregations will gain a clearer understanding of their strengths as a Christian community, on mission and in caring for each other.
  • The ministry groups will gain feedback on their own area of ministry.
  • The church as a whole will be better equipped to hold meaningful discussions and set goals based on reality rather than surmise.
  • The church will come to understand itself more clearly and be drawn to be a stronger Christian community.
  • The church will be equipped to determine directions and foster the development of a clear and owned vision, so that the church can move to action together, into the future.

The denominational leadership is equipped..

  • Regional and denominational leadership will gain a clear oversight of the strengths and focus of its churches and the region as a whole.
  • Regional and denominational leaders will be equipped to offer strategic and pastoral leadership and work more effectively with local churches.
  • The survey results will help regional and denominational leaders to effectively allocate resources to particular areas of need and opportunity.
  • Denominational leaders can compare their denomination’s results against Australian churches as a whole to clearly see the differences and the similarities.



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