How to take part

Order surveys and prepare to complete them

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The Church Life Survey is held in local churches, with church attenders, leaders, administrators and children (optional) invited to complete survey forms.

Churches that would like to take part in the survey sign up by ordering surveys.

From November, churches complete the surveys in worship services or activities of spiritual nurture.

Taking part

Churches will be invited to take part in the 2021 National Church Life Survey. Some denominations and regions facilitate the survey arrangements via their NCLS Regional Coordinator. Other churches sign up individually.

Following their registration and ordering surveys, churches will be sent a survey kit with instructions prior to the survey period in November. Churches complete the surveys from November at any activity of spiritual nurture e.g. worship services, or small groups.

After churches complete and return their surveys, they will receive a Pack of resources including their Church Life Profile of survey results. Designed to be practical and easy to use, these resources help churches to engage their results and plan for the future. The aim? "Life to the Full" for your church and community.


SIGN UP: Churches order surveys

RECEIVE: Receive your surveys and instructions in a survey kit

COMPLETE: Complete your surveys during worship services, mass or activities

RETURN: Return your completed surveys

RESULTS: Receive your Church Life Profile of results along with a Pack of resources to help you engage your results, have informed discussions and plan for ministry and mission


How to order surveys

The NCLS works with each denominational grouping to determine the best way to organise the survey orders for their churches. An NCLS Regional Coordinator is the key contact person in each denomination or region (e.g. diocese, state) who facilitate the survey for their group.

Bulk ordering arrangements are currently underway with denominations and regions into mid 2021. You may check with your Regional Coordinator for the ordering arrangements in your Synod, State, Diocese or region.

Local churches are also welcome to sign up for the NCLS by ordering surveys, from June 2021.


How to complete the surveys at your church

We believe that the 2021 National Church Life Survey can be a fruitful experience that supports your church as you move forward together.

We suggest five steps to use the survey as a positive, inclusive process to build for the future: before, during and after completing the surveys. Start by preparing your churchgoers for the survey, then administering the survey well.