Key dates for the 2021 NCLS

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The 2021 NCLS survey period is drawing to a close at the end of March 2022. Churches will soon receive their first release of results in a Summary Profile, due out from April 2022.

First results

Participating churches in the 2021 NCLS received their first release of results, in a Summary Profile, from April 2022.

In the month of April, churches were sent an email informing them of their Summary Profile, available to view online using a Profile Number.

Churches can share this Profile Number with anyone they would like to share their Profile with, e.g. Church Committee, Elders, Leadership Team, or whole church. 

Participating churches will receive a Church Life Pack of resources in late 2022

  • Their full Church Life Profile of detailed results with comparisons and changes over time 
  • A Workbook to help them explore and apply their results
  • Enriching Church Life ebook to understand the trends in churches and background research findings
  • and other resources including videos, group processes, planning workshops and facilitators' tips online




Summary of key dates for local churches



January-November 2021

Churches register and order surveys.

The survey registration period has been extended due to COVID-19. Churches can still order surveys.


from late October 2021

Survey kits distributed to churches.


from November 2021- March 2022

Churches complete their surveys from November until March 2022.

The survey period has been extended until the end of March 2022 due to COVID-19.


from December 2021 to March 2022

Churches post their completed survey items to NCLS Research.


from April 2022

late 2022

Churches receive their Summary Profile in a first release of highlight results.

Churches receive their full Church Life Profile with detailed results and a Church Life Pack of resources.



Important dates for Regional Coordinators



Consultation with denominational leaders

2019 and 2020


Denominations give an expression of Interest   

  • Indicate likely level of overall participation
  • Identify who will be the NCLS Regional Co-ordinator to receive communications      

By the end of 2020


Confirm level and type of participation                                 

  • Choose which surveys: church census, leaders, all attenders or local community.
  • Aim to involve all/most churches, a research sample or churches opt in.
  • Decide if there will be special extra denominational commissioned questions

By March 2021


Update church contact details and place survey orders

Jan to Oct 2021


Conduct 2021 National Church Life Survey

Nov 2021 until Mar 2022


Local churches return surveys to NCLS Research

From Dec 2021 to March 2022


NCLS Research delivers results to local churches

first release April 2022

full Profile late 2022


NCLS Research delivers regional and denominational  results

late 2022- early 2023